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25. Aerostorm

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Orient electric is the decade old name in the market of electronic appliances. With less power supply and minimal expensive approach, Orient ceiling fan is the most helpful device in Indian household especially during summer months. Orient aerostrom ceiling fan is one of the latest collection of aero series ceiling fans. It is designed with aerodynamic pattern which runs silently and ensures air delivery of 300 CMM at 300 RPM which is why it is the highest air delivery fan. With a sweep of 1320 mm, aerostrom ceiling fan helps to provide smooth air flow to the lower surface which gives better air thrust. Powered by the sturdiest and heaviest motor, aerostrom ceiling fan is made of high graded windings, magnets and commutation assembly.

Orient has gone to a great extent while designing aerofoil blades of this fan. The blades are made out of high quality ABS material along with high gloss PU finish for reliability and durability. This fan is the fastest ceiling fan available in the market. Being seam lees in design and powerful in performance, orient aerostrom is a perfectly priced ceiling fan in India.

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