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Available inĀ  15 and 25 L, Orient Ecowonder storage water heater is durable and reliable also comes with 2019-20 BEE 5 Star rating for lesser energy consumption. Suitable for working in hard water conditions and for corrosion resistance it is loaded with a Titanium Enamel coated tank and also glassline-coated heating element that ensures optimized heating of water in a short time. Also for enhanced tank life and anti-scaling due to hard/high TDS water, it comes with magnesium anode rod which keeps the tank from anti-scaling with the assurance of 7 years on Tank warranty. Its shock-proof, water-proof high grade plastic body ensures corrosion resistance even in coastal areas and stays new for a long duration. With safety of multifunction valve, it withstands up to 8 bar pressure which is suitable for high rise buildings which prevents from tank leakage and withstands high pressure. PUF insulation ensures better heat retention and ensures hot water for a long time.

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